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Dear Family and Friends of First Christian,

The heartbeat of Christ at First Christian has kept us on the move for 40 years! It all began in 1978 when followers of Jesus first explored an opportunity to see a new work of Christ begin in Warrick County. In 1979, First Christian Church became the expression of that heart to see the world impacted by the gospel. Through many seasons we have seen the God of Acts 2:39 work to deliver on His promise to forgive every repentant heart. We are witnesses to a legacy of men and women called to minister to their families, neighbors, and co-workers and today we bear witness to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit moving us to explore new opportunities to share Christ.

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The next generation will be given new opportunities and challenges to work through as we follow the leading of the Spirit and share the heart of our Father with others.  As I think about the ministry opportunities in front of us, I’m reminded of a new generation standing on the banks of the Jordan River looking into the Land of Promise. Ready and unsure, confident yet full of questions, they moved forward in faith to explore the land God had promised them. The words given to Joshua were their call to action:  “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.” (Joshua 1:3)  As God faithfully guides, our response is to have the heart of an explorer.

I am urging everyone who calls First Christian home to remember the heart of our shared past and to courageously & prayerfully participate in EXPLORE to help fund and fuel the next seasons of First Christian’s ministry.

Kevin Brimner | Lead Pastor